The 'Not People Pleasing' Workbook

I am SO excited to be sharing my ‘Not People Pleasing’ workbook with all you 'Quiet Leaders'.

People pleasing can show up for introvert, empath or highly sensitive leaders in so many ways - some obvious, some downright sneaky.

Your ‘Not people pleasing’ workbook will help you as a quietly ambitious leader to understand how, what, and why, you people please. And importantly, this awareness gives you choice as to what action to take next.

In five simple steps....

'With all strengths there’s a shadow side, which includes our empathy, compassion and altruism developing into people pleasing at our own expense''

In five smple steps, your ‘Not people pleasing’ workbook will help you to understand how, what, and why you people please, which gives you choice. You’ll be guided through creating your own bespoke 5 minute exercise to do every day - because repetition and practice are the key to any new habit :)

You are not alone, but only you can uncover your own 'how', 'what, and 'why' of people pleasing - and with awareness and intentionality, in tiny steps, change the way you lead.

Which will help you on your way to thriving and performing at your best in leadership and life.

Your 'Not People Pleasing' Workbook

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